Chapas Textiles draws inspiration from historical documents, decorative arts, culture, fashion, and the natural world. Ongoing world travel and research help us discover and incorporate unusual fibers into our distinctive fabrics. By combining luxurious yarns together, we create a timeless signature-style, hand-woven cloth, each with an exquisite color palette, richness, and depth.

Because our fabrics are project specific, our studio offers each client infinite customized color and design options. Diverse aesthetic possibilities range from architectural, decorative and modern, to traditional and vintage­, or an essence that draws on various genres.

Considering all the design elements, and how the end user will experience the textile in it’s final surroundings, a specific pattern, scale, fiber and color palette are chosen. Once a sample has been embraced, our fabrics are hand woven to order by highly skilled American artisans who produce only the required yardage and utilize the latest green technologies. We are committed to a work process that is ecologically responsible.

A portion of the profits from Chapas Textiles is donated to non-profit organizations that provide small business loans to artisans around the globe.